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Miss Dee's School of Dance

Pre-school Combination I & II
2 ½ through 5 years old
This class consists of a combination of Ballet, Tap and Tumbling.  The majority of concentration is on Ballet and Tap with about 20-25 minutes of each. Then we wrap up the class with approx. 10 minutes of  Tumbling.  In Ballet and Tap we focus on learning the basic movements and the fundamental steps.  Students learn the correct names for each step and learn how to execute them correctly in a way that they can understand.  In Tumbling we focus mostly on basic movement and strength exercises. 

Ballet & Tap Combination
6 through 8 years old
This class is a combination of Ballet and Tap with approximately a half hour of each.  This is a more advanced class continuation of the Preschool Combination  Class and focuses on more difficult steps, the execution of these steps and balance. 

Jazz and Tap Combination:
7 through 9 years old
This is a combination of Jazz and Tap with approx. a half  hour of each.  This is a great introductory to Jazz and a continuation  of Tap skills while focusing on the fundamentals of each class.

Combination & Preschool Classes